We have 23 years of experience executing refurbishment projects for apartments, houses and businesses. Whether it is painting the house or adding a story or installing under floor heating, we can do it.

We believe your time and money is very important but even more important is the hassle you’ll save yourself by working with us.


Interior design

We have established long standing relationships with purveyors that will decorate your house the way you like it. All you need to do is sit down with us and let us know which style you like and we’ll prepare an estimate to suit your budget.


Project development and management

If you’re a busy person looking for someone to look after your project, we work closely with architects, and all the necessary personnel to ensure your house is built according to your specifications.


Property management

Once you buy a property, we ensure you are taken care of. We look after you, we make sure you are happy and recommend you all the relevant information you must have in order to enjoy your stay or your holiday.

We are here for the long run. We’ve been in business for 23 years and we’ll continue to be around.

Remember your relationship with us is always alive when buying or selling a property.


Rent to buy

Sometimes you’re not really sure if you will like the place you will buy. Sometimes you don’t have the money to put a down payment. So we have devised a few properties that will help you make the right decision.


Pension rent

Looking forward to retirement in the sunshine? Coral Estates can find the right solution for you: either a quality retirement home or an apartment with day care.


Sell your property


Selling a property is all about adjusting your price to the market unless you have a very special place and you can ask more money than the average price around. This is why you should get in touch with Coral estates in order to assess how much you should ask for your property. You need to be advised by professionals.